AL ARDH WATER WELL DRILLING SERVICES is a specialized company for carrying out bore well from 4”to 17”dia meter drilling up to Depth of 1500 ft. We use high quality and latest technology machineries which helps us to achieve high level of productivity, time frames and economy in scale of operations We offer complete service, which covers all aspects of borehole design, drilling, ground work and pump installation.


We are specialized in :-

Quick and fast service, drilling in all soil and pump errection & Flushing.

  • Compressor Drilling, Manual Drilling, Rotary Drilling, Mud Drilling etc are available.
  • Guidance for suitable submersible pumps and Installation Pump set.
  • High Quality Drilling Bits with exact Dimensions.
  • Ability to handle multiple no. of bore wells drilling with quality conscious.
  • Drilling is done in all soils including clay , sand & Rock
  • Latest method of Earth Pits for Rain Water Harvesting.

Our Services offers:-

  • Fast results and proper commitment to the time frame given.
  • Longer life time for drilled water wells
  • Productive site inspection and feasibility report
  • 24×7 assistance
  • Economical in operation and maintenance due to our professional approach and latest technology.
  • More out put through preventive well care.
  • Re-establishment of original well yield by early rehabilitation.

Technology Detail: –

The only highly professional Bore well drillers in Dubai with latest high pressure rigs. Drilling is done using high pressure hydraulic compressors. Important technical advantage with our Hydraulic Rig is the Dust Controlling Equipment and the Automatic Water Injection System. Compressor drilling and hand boring is available from us. Using the latest technologies, drilling is possible in almost all surfaces including rock, sand and clay and even inside a well. Bore well drilling is depending on the ground strata; Deep drilling is needed to get the water in some places. Most of the areas in twin cities are in need of deep Bore wells to get good quality of drinking water.

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